Wow! Not only did A night of courage and loss get nominated, but it also made the shortlist for the final awards at the inaugural Charity Film Festival! An incredibly proud moment for our small in-house team, a project that needed all four of us (Eleanor Driscoll/Harrison Bates/Nathan Williams and myself) to succeed. But this particular nomination means more to me than most awards would…

A night of courage and loss is a documentary about Scarborough RNLI Lifeboat crew as they braved fierce stormy conditions to try and rescue a local man, Andrew McGeown. The crew that night, Rudi, Adam and Craig, fought huge swells, whitewash, darkness, engine failures and no doubt a host of other frightening aspects, but they managed to find Andrew, unfortunately though, it was too late. It was an honour to have the chance to tell this story, having spent my childhood summers visiting my grandparents in Scarborough, and we would go down to watch the Mersey class lifeboat launch, and so to get to meet the crew, share their story, and film on the lifeboat I used to watch as a kid, was a humbling experience.

The impact of the film has been even more touching, with an increase in volunteer applications, and to provide a tool for Donna, Andrew’s sister, to use for their fundraising towards making Scarborough a safer place by the sea. As far as being a film team for the RNLI, this one was the project that reminds us why we do what we do, and the importance of sharing community stories in the 21st century.

Photo credit: Nathan Williams | RNLI