People often say there is a thin line between madness and genius, and when Jack Lowe decided he was going to photograph every single lifeboat station around the British Isles, using a victorian photographic method and an ambulance as a mobile dark room, you’d be right to think he was mad. But over a year on and you’d be hard pushed to deny what has become a truly inspirational, beautiful and genius project, with Jack having created breathe taking portraits, and sparking a buzz around the entire RNLI community.

When we decided to make a film about Jack and The Lifeboat Station Project, I was incredibly nervous and excited, it was a chance to make a film with no specific brief/call to action, and an opportunity to really try to push my camera skills, and create something in-fitting with Jack’s extraordinary project. Much like Jack is with his work, I am my own harshest critic, a perfectionist to the extreme, and I was desperate to make a film that not only I, but Jack as well would be proud of, and either by sheer luck or some small amount of skill I think I managed to pull it off!

Filming with Jack (and the RNLI team/crew) down in Exmouth was an absolute pleasure, and a fascinating insight into the photographic process. Never has a photoshoot been such an ‘event’ for lack of a better word, something that everyone wants to attend and is in no rush to leave, and I believe it’s down to the anticipation created, something the instantaneous of digital photography lacks, and the patient process is all the better for it; the best things are worth waiting for.

It is a long-held ambition of mine to shoot a film on film, and one day I hope to achieve that, but in the meantime I will support and enjoy the journey of Jack Lowe, and the Lifeboat Station Project, good luck!