This month saw us make a national newspaper, discussing our latest campaign film ‘Become a Lifeguard’ and the challenges we faced, which was many! It was an absolute honour, if not a little embarrassing, to see ourselves as the main feature, taking up a 7 page spread, and hopefully it will have enhanced both our reputation in the industry, as well as the reputation of the RNLI.

This was the pinnacle of a few months hard work of promoting our department in our industry, coming just a couple of days after featuring in an Alumni blog from my uni, and a few days before sitting on a panel at BVE. Self-promotion is a weird one, you know it’s important, and it’s great when it comes to fruition, but it does feel like you are constantly just blowing your own trumpet, but it has been a long and incredible year, and hopefully sharing some of our challenges and experiences it will help someone about to face similar ones!

If you want to read it, it was issue 33.