The path less travelled

What do two creatives do when they have a spare weekend together? In the case of myself and photographer-come-vlogger Matthew Storer, it's heading to the Lake District and making a film.

With no brief, no client and no limitations other than time, a lack of sleep and the weather, we travelled about some of the beautiful parts of the landscape Matt wanted to explore. I wasn't sure what I wanted to make but over 2 days travelling and camping together we shared a lot about the struggle of being an 'artist', trying to stay true to your creative vision. 

So when we sat down for a chat, the tone of the film was set without even realising it, and I found myself cutting so many shots out of the edit to allow it to breathe. The end result is a very atmospheric piece in which any creative or entrepreneur can's about rejecting what's already out there if you don't agree with it, and staying true to yourself.

So when Wex put out a contest call for films about 'identity' it just seemed like a natural fit and I was lucky enough to be shortlisted (the winner is yet to be announced). This film was made purely for creative expression, but it is always nice when you get proof that someone out there can relate to your thoughts...

This film only comes to life thanks to the beautiful composition of Simon Porter and the incredible sound design of Lawrence Kendrick.